Past Events

October 17-November 14: Online

Spiritual Path Exploration

The Diversity and Spirituality Network announces the inaugural Spiritual Path Exploration interactive webinar series. Five people of diverse spiritual backgrounds and a facilitator and meet five times by videoconference to explore, discuss and deepen their understanding of their personal spiritual paths, and learn how their personal journey is similar and different from others.
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June 11, 2017: San Diego, CA

 "The Things We Don’t Tell Each Other"

What would you like to know about others that you’ve always been too reluctant to ask?  And what would you like others to know about your own visible or invisible differences? What are the things we don’t usually tell each other that – if known – would help us understand each other better?​
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May 26-27, 2017: Princeton, NJ 

 Reality Creation Workshop (Special Event)

This workshop will teach you the art of focusing your attention, imagination and actions towards a desired outcome. It is unique in that it guides you to shifting your awareness to a place of your goals and dreams “already being true,” by which they manifest in your life more smoothly and speedily.
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