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Improvisation and Spirituality: Beginnings
Back in 2013, Ted DesMaisons assembled a group of improvisors at a San Francisco Zen monastery to explore the many[...]
Improvisation, Spirituality and Me
As a long time meditation practitioner, I'd had begun to suspect that there was something missing from my practice. What[...]
Sacred Inclusion Sampler: Volume One Selected excerpts from some of the best interviews in the first three seasons of the Sacred Inclusion Network podcast.UK[...]
Spirituality and Earth-based Feminism
The Wounded Leader
Improvisation and Mindfulness
An Atheist’s Conversion
When he was young, Jess Lederman was an atheist and thought people who believed in God were fools. But one[...]
About Improvisation and Spirituality
Let’s try an exercise, says improvisor Jules Munns. Ready for anything, I raise my hand and am chosen as one[...]
Creating Communities of Choice

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DSN's mission is to explore the nexus between diversity and spirituality and create ways for people to explore and expand their sense of individual and group identity in the context of community.

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